If you grew up collecting ladybugs and worms and minnows

            if you like pancakes and sledding and picking blueberries

               if you would agree to buy a child’s drawing for a nickel

    then maybe you think, as I do           

that beauty

 is in the simple things

            in the small details



My mother’s grandmother, who was Finnish, called my mother, “Pikku Maiju”

                                                “Little Maria”

     I named my company pikku




            because it reminds me to be grateful for small beauty

                  to be grateful for minnows

                                                and pancakes

                                                            and nickels

                        and for the people who showed me how


my designs display a sense of wonder and whimsy through

unexpected accents and thoughtful finishing touches

    sweet stitches

 exhilarating fabrics

paper with hand-screen printed and letterpress designs

         and fresh, luscious colors

 my hope is to add that extra




something special to your life

                                  i truly do believe

it’s the little things that matter most.